auto-indexing folders

New user here…I use Devonthink primarily to keep track of many folders on my harddisk. I am constantly adding and taking away files from within these folders, which I have indexed in Devonthink. Is there a way to auto-index these folders (update them), rather than rescanning the entire contents?


Did you try to use File > Synchronize? Just select the desired items to be synchronized and then choose this command.

works perfect—thanks!

Bob Rives

On this same subject – What are the limitations of indexing? My database has grown larger than 3 gigs, and with other programs open, work slows down. It occurs to me to recreate the database exporting key elements, in order to create a new database indexing items previously stored in the database, rather than importing them. I realize that certain parts of the database should be “live” – residing directly in the database – but otherwise, for my static files, such as notes on books, indexing may save space. I guess my big concerns are searching, clasifying, concordance, etc. Will they be sacrificed to indexing?

Thank you

Perhaps, I just discovered one problem… Indexing is a one-way street. I cannot alter indexed items in DTP and must go the source in order to add additional material. That means more work… so it’s a trade, a small database, and more busy work. Anything more?

I have a DTPO folder that contains 5 indexed .xls files, I’ve added more .xls files to that folder in the Finder. Selecting synchronize doesn’t pull the new ones into DTPO (index them). Or is that not how it works?


The files should be added if import of unknown file types is enabled
(see Preferences > Import).

No. Searching, Classify, See Also, Concordance etc. are supported.

That is set in my prefs (I’m indexing my FinalCutPro files in another db). Should Sync be “instant” or does it pull it in the next time the db is opened? Or do I have to take focus off the folder and come back to it?

Changes should be immediately visible after selecting the right group and choosing File > Synchronize. But only if the group has been created by indexing (and therefore it’s path points to the desired folder) and not by the user.

I had a folder then selected the individual files. When I index the folder (in the Finder), it works as it should. Still learning the software’s workflow… :smiley: Thanks for the assistance!

Can synchronize be used globally, or must it be applied file by file? Actually you’ve already addressed this, Christian… It does work more or less globally by selecting groups, am I correct?


Yes, just select the desired groups and/or contents to be synchronized.

Any chance you could post an AppleScript that selects all the top level folders and synchronises them? I’ve tried to create one but not managed.


Here’s a simple example:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theChildren to children of root of current database
	repeat with theChild in theChildren
		if type of theChild is group then synchronize record theChild
	end repeat
end tell

Thank you! Works perfectly :smiley: