Auto-labeling groups


As a new DT user I am in the process of creating a hierarchical list of groups - with 10 main groups and up subgroups up to 3 levels deep. Eight of the main groups I’ve added color labels to. When I create a new subgroup it takes on the default label (light blue) - it would seem to me to be a nice feature if subgroups could automatically take on the label of the parent group. Is this possible?


That’s not yet possible and therefore the easiest solution right now is to create the groups first, then select all of them and choose the desired label.

Thank you, Christian.

One follow-up - I glean from the discussions that DTP 2.0 is on the horizon, and how much effort I put into changing my workflow to optimize DTP for me may depend on if 2.0 is 1 month away or 10 months away. Would it be possible to give us a ball park date?


Well, the only thing I can say right now is not next month.