Auto-Save Again

That is it. I have had it. I’m really getting sick of DevonThink not having the option for Auto-save. Every time DevonThink crashes, I lose an unknown quantity of work in multiple documents.

Five years from now, we will look back and laugh heartily at applications that lack it.

“I don’t want it to save without me telling it to,” say some. Fine, turn the off the option if it were available.

“Why should they have to make the application idiot proof” - This kind of comment is infuriating. On the contrary, it is idiotic that, when with 5-7 different note files open (as a history grad student: chronology file, people file, misc book notes, etc.), every time one adds a line to one of these documents while reviewing another, they have to press a key combination. Think about it - it makes no sense. Especially when, sometimes, DevonThink seems to have to think for >30 seconds to get “warmed up” again to save files, perhaps because of a large database.

However, I imagine some people are worried about that accidental delete of large amounts of data - then by all means, let us make auto-save an option with versioning supported (perhaps Lion will help?)

For now, I’m furious that I have to dish out another $20 for something like ForeverSave (which I hope will work…installing now)

Apologies for the rant, but I hope this will add to the voices frustrated by loss of work because of the lack of a very basic feature for multi-document/window editing environment.

Let me second that. Again. And allow me to express some caution: even with ForeverSave I still lose material. I don’t know how it happens but what certainly doesn’t help is DTPO crashing or ‘not reacting’ way to often than it should…