Automate Import and Updates from Finder

I’d like to find a way to automate importing text files added and updated to a Finder folder to a specific DT database and folder, which I could then view in DTTG.

I can add an Import Folder Action to the Finder folder, but it won’t be updated if I change the original. I can add an Index Folder Action, which updates just fine, but then I don’t believe DTTG be able to see the indexed files (they remain on the Mac).

So right now it seems that I’ll have to use “Move Into Database” to get the indexed files imported into DT, then Move them manually to the Sync folder of the database.

Any ideas on how to automate this with an AppleScript (or some other means)? I’m not an expert on scripting so I’d need some example code.

You can add indexed files/folders to the DEVONthink To Go sync group. I sync indexed text files to DEVONthink To Go where I edit them, and sync them back to DEVONthink, on a daily basis.

Thanks for that tip, it does work (and even syncs back to the original file). It gets me one step closer to where I want to be.

Now, anyone have an idea about automating moving the files from the Global Inbox to the database Sync file?