Automate Importing Of RSS Feed Archive

In addition to using a RSS reader, I’ve been capturing the articles into a searchable database for years. Now I’m using DEVONthink to archive all my RSS feed items to search, but would like to import years worth of RSS feed items. Right now, the data is broken down by feed and is in a mySQL database and can easily be converted to CSV. What’s the best way to get this content into DEVONthink?

The only solution is probably AppleScript.

Neat, it can be done! Could you point me to where I might find the documentation on creating a DEVONthink item via apple script, the SQL equivalent of INSERT INTO foo VALUES (bar1, bar2, bar3). I’ll be sure to post my script here when I’m done.

Just open DEVONthink Pro in Apple’s Script Editor and you’ll get a basic documentation of the complete script suite. Or have a look at the included scripts (~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro/Scripts) or the examples (see disk image, folder Extras > Scripts > Examples).