Automate - Move items in Global Inbox to related DT Databases

I have a dozen indexed DT Databases, each contains a few Groups/subgroups.

When I drag document items in Finder into DT Global Inbox, I’d like to have a smart rule, that can move certain document items (e.g. file name contain specific word) to Groups/subgroup in related DT Databases (which maybe not opened in DT), either On Demand or run regularly.

Should I try ‘Move to external folder’ during “performing actions”, or something else?


A smart rule that is performed on import should be sufficient. Just add the necessary conditions plus the Move action which will automatically open closed databases (and move the item to the external folder if the destination is an indexed group)

Thanks. With a few dozens of such “move action”, should I create same amount of smart rules? or there is more appropriate way to handle it.

Each destination group would require its own smart rule.

I follow the suggestion and setup a few smart rules, for one DT database, when dropping new documents into DT Global Inbox, only one smart rule acts (alphabetically?), the rest sit quietly - any further advice?

This is where having the ability to have groups for Smart Rules would be very handy. I have a swathe of near identical smart rules in my sidebar with no way of categorizing…

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Just one advice: Wait for the 3.1 update or join the beta group to get it right now. DEVONthink 3.1 comes with MAJOR (yes, in capital letters) improvements for triggers. There are plenty more of them and the existing ones do work reliably.

In case of moving items->global inbox->databases/groups with smart-rules,

  1. Is it possible to allow multiple similar actions defined into 1 smart rule?

as in my example, to move multiple items into global inbox, then dispatch to different databases/groups per slightly different criteria, such as different names. currently I have to set, e.g. 8-10 slightly different smart rules for one database, if I have such many groups in that database.

  1. For smart rule action to perform, is it possible to add one condition such as “when the database is opened next time”?

currently it will open all related databases automatically, once the smart rule find criteria-matched-items in the global inbox, which may result in multiple databased being opened at the same time, hence the slow performance and sometimes halt.

To me, such smart rule is essential for daily maintenance, and could be a big boost for Global Inbox usage…today when I consider throwing multiple items into global inbox, I have to think first which items belong to the same database, as I want to avoid multiple databases being opened at the same time with my current smart rules’ setting.


How can we join the DEVONthink 3.1 beta?

(Unable to find any related information on the website; and no option to tick within the app itself.)