Automated export of group when it receives a new file

Is there a way to have DTPO automatically export any new items in a group to a specified folder in the Finder?


Why not just index the folder in DTPO? Isn’t that the same end result?

Hmmm . . . Yes–I think that would be the same thing in some scenarios. What I’m really wondering about though is the original request on this topic here:

As far as I can tell, the original question never got answered, and the thread lost me when it got into scripting.


As I understand it, then, you want to

  1. Scan documents[list=1][*]either to DTPO or
  2. to a folder
    [/:m][]have DTPO OCR the PDFs[/:m][]have the OCR’d PDFS end up in the external folder [/*:m][/list:o]

If that’s correct, then scanning the documents to your folder, indexing the folder in DTPO, and using DTPO to OCR those documents will do what you need. Documents that DTPO OCRs do not have to be internal in the database, they can be indexed.

Are we on target with this?

Thanks–I did not realize that DTPO could run OCR on files that are only indexed, not imported. Now how to automate that? I’m only aware of the folder action script to “Import, OCR & delete.” I guess I would want a folder action script to “Index & OCR” [and keep].