Automated tickler file system

In prevision of DTTG, I have started to replace my physical tickler file system (43 folders!) with an electronic one in DTPO. DPTO already have months and days template.

I have created a “Daily” database that only contains my 43 folders system and a Read-Review folder. Let’s say I have a meeting on November 1st with 5 documents that I need. I drop all of the documents in the appropriate folder month/day combination (and maybe the corresponding emails). At this time, I can use the script to manually “add as event to ical”. This give me a link in iCal when I open my agenda in the morning that let me know right away that I have something “special” and it gets me to DTPO by clicking on it.

Is there anyway to make “true” automatic link to iCal. Let me be more specific, what I would like is that as soon as I drop a file into a given folder, DTPO is able to set a link to iCal (an event at the top - full day event with a link back to DTPO) at the appropriate month and day without any other intervention of my part. That would be cool! Unfortunately I do not know scripting enough to decide if this is feasible or not?


Scripts can be assigned to groups or documents in DTPO and they activate when that group or that document are clicked. But to meet your requirement DTPO would need group actions (similar to folder actions in Finder) so that when an item is dropped on the group a script is activatated for that newly dropped document. For now, that’s not possible - though it’s been requested before, AFAICR

Another approach (albeit not as automated as you want) is to assign a function key to the “Add as Event to iCal” script that resides in ~/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts/Reminders. For example, to assign CMD-F10 to that script, simply rename the script “Add as Event to iCal___Cmd-F10.scptd” (that’s 3 underscores before “Cmd”). In the scripts menu in DTPO click Update Scripts Menu to make the change appear in DTPO. This way, you can add the document and then activate the script with the keystroke. The script itself could be modified to more closely model the outcome you described.

A second approach is to simply drag the document from DTPO to iCal. This makes a really ugly-looking appointment in iCal that links to the document. But, the link works.

This is interesting.

Since I am not very good as scripting, anyone knows how to:
1- change the current “add as Event to iCal” script such that it will create by default an event that is define as “all day”


2- can look at the current folder name (which is a number corresponding to the day) and its parent folder which have a month as name to automatically pick the correct date to create the event?