Automatic broken document link checker?

Is there an automatic broken [document link | pointer] checker?

(I searched for this in the forums, and on Google, and didn’t find anything.)

Context: While indexed files /should/ be static, in practice their location may change. In the event the location of an indexed is modified I’d like to know so I can update the respective pointer in devonthink.

How is this done?

Run Tools > Verify & Repair. Then check the Log (Window > Log) for a list of missing files. Those with Paths external to the database will be Indexed items with broken Paths.

But…you cannot update the broken Path within DEVONthink.

I have had reason in the past to re-organise indexed files (which reside on a second hard disk in my laptop). Once or twice I forgot to re-index those files within my database, resulting in broken links. Quickly fixed, not a major problem.

This should probably be posted in the feature request forum, but since the topic is under discussion here: would it be practical for DTPO to include a tool that allows one to fix broken indexed links? Perhaps a tool that searches for a file with the same name as the file with the broken link, and offers the user the opportunity to ‘repair’ the database with the new file path.

@Kinsey, thinking aloud, I suppose there must be a way to programmatically add unique IDs to files indexed by devonthink (e.g. tags in OS X as UIDs, or some other type of ‘fingerprint’), and to update some table with the location of those files when changes are made to the file system (or to periodically re-index).

As far as whether this is currently practical for DTPO, I don’t know what’s on the product road map. But I feel it would be a better implementation of the product for me (and perhaps other users), and will post this in the feature request forum.