Automatic DB maintenance

I’ve been a DT user for ages, and for the longest time, I simply considered it a given that some files would fall through the cracks. A missing .txt here, a dead link there, it added up. DT rarely lost anything important, so I didn’t let it bother me that much, although I probably would have left eventually if there were a reasonable alternative.
It only stopped when I started performing weekly checks and optimizations of my databases. If something goes missing now, I can get it back from one backup or another.

Which brings me to my question: Can this be automated?

Most things can be automated, if you try hard enough.

Here’s my personal take on it (as these are open forums, and even employees have opinions :mrgreen: ): Why automate the process when it removes your awareness of your database’s health?

I liken this to refusing to go to the doctor and letting your first heart attack alert you to a problem with your health. Though it may be less convenient (or fun) to sit in a doctor’s office (and I think we can all agree, neither men nor women have an easier time with a physical :blush: :laughing: ), I don’t think it’s in our best interests to not pay attention to the state of our bodies.

Note that, in addition to running Tools > Verify & Repair, doing a File > Export > Database Archive will also check and optimize the database before creating the archive.