Automatic Export-Sync

Hello everyone,

I am a big fan of DevonThink and use it for many news now.
I have started to scan and organize all documents from my wife as well.
Since she does not have an AppleMacBook and does not want to use a second machine only for her documents to be accessed, I need to find a way to sync all of her documents into a local folder structure (or onto my NAS), so she can access all of her files.

So I want to keep always synced documents inside and outside of DevonThink. Is there any usefull script or workflow for this?

Many thanks and all the best.

Where are her files now?

Have you looked into DEVONthink’s Indexing? Indexes point to files located outside the DEVONthink database. Best to simply read about Indexing in the DEVONthink Handbook rather than repeat much here, including understanding how it works.

sorry for the late respond.

I havent looked into indexing that much, since I already have all files in specific DT-databases. So my idea was to sync the databases into direct folders in my NAS, where by wife can access them directly.

Best and many thanks.

look into indexing (to benefit you searching for them from within DEVONthink) AND to allow your wife to access the files directly on the NAS. If using Synology NAS, they have a sych tool, but you can use other sync tools tool (Chronosynch, rsync, etc.)

  • Does she use your machine?
    • If so, does she have an account of her own on it?
      • If not, have you considered setting one up for her?
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Hey Bluefrog,

no, she is currently only working on her business machine which is a windows laptop. She does not want to use a second machine only to access some documents. She asked me to find a easier way for her to access her stuff.

In this case, indexing a folder in a location accessible to her would be the only immediate option.