Automatic indexing?

I’ve used DT3 to index a large folder on my hard drive.To test automatic updating, I’ve added a new document into the large folder on my hard drive, but after two days, it still does not show up in the DT3 index.

Do I need to activate automate indexing somehow? Am I doing something wrong here?

  • Is the drive internal or connected to the network?
  • Is the drive being synced by some other application?

It’s the hard drive for my computer, and yes, it syncs to iCloud.

If the folder you’re indexing is syncing to iCloud you should manually update the indexed items via the File > Update Indexed Items command. DEVONthink has to be more careful with locations synced by cloud services or it could cause inconsistencies in the files being synced.

Got it. Thanks. Is there any way to automate this, i.e., schedule a manual update to occur every day at a certain time?

One possibility might be to use a scheduled smart rule executing an embedded script (see synchronize AppleScript command).