Automatic Markdown Linking

I was wondering if DT can automatically generate a “markdown” link to an existing item in a Markdown document. The way I see this is something similar to the WikiLinks. Basically, after a trigger, e.g., []( or [, DT starts a search and allows the user to select an item. When selected, DT fills the x-callback-url of the item as the link and prepare a [title](link).

I’ve seen similar suggestions in the forum but each of them is slightly different. I think if we think about this and find a nice way of doing it, it’d be very useful. If I’m not mistaken, the Bear has a similar feature, they call it “Cross-Note Links” and it’s very useful.

You could try Wiki linking based on square brackets (see Preferences > WikiLinks). This supports also autocompletion. The dynamic Wiki links are resolved before previewing/converting the document.

Another possibility is to drag & drop items into Markdown documents or to use the “Insert Link To” submenu of the contextual menu.