Automatic note titling in DT 1.x gone in DT 2.x

In DT v1.x when you created a new RTF or Plain Text note while in a list view (that is, when the note opened in it’s own window), the note was automatically titled by the first line of the text you entered. This was great, as it saved having to name every note made. In DT 2.x every note is given an “Untitled” title, adding an extra step to the creation of a note. Anyone else out there remember the “classic” behaviour and want it back? If so, please chime in so the developers know. Thanks.

Yeah, I noticed it had gone missing a six or seven months ago. I’d like to be on record as agreeing that it would be great to have that feature returned to DTPO 2.

I, too, miss this feature and would love to see it re-added to DT 2.x.

(I’ve been a long-time lurker in these forums, and I finally created an account to voice my support for this request.)