Automatic Scanning with ScanSnap S510M

I just purchased a ScanSnap S510M and am not sure how to get my scans sent automatically to DTPO. I unchecked “Use Quick Menu” in ScanSnap Manager, which solved the problem encountered by DougD in a prior posting, but I don’t see anyway in ScanSnap Manager to set DTPO as the default destination. Contrary to what DTPO Help says, and what DougD had happen, DTPO does not ever ask me whether I want my scans sent directly to DTPO, even when I quit DTPO or reboot the computer. I have gone to DTPO preferences, but I don’t see anything there either. I must be missing something. I am able to get my scans into DTPO manually after they are saved to a file, but, of course, would like to have that happen automatically. Any ideas what is going on?

I answered my own question. I should have taken more time to try solving the problem, and should have read a little more in the Help section of DTPO. All I had to do was add DTPO as an application in ScanSnap Manager and then make it the default. For some reason, I was looking for a destination folder to send the stuff to rather than an application to process it.