Automatic script to pick a quotation?


Im trying to understand what it would take to tweak the Journal Template so it picks up a quotation from a group of albums and lyrics that I have in the database. I have been using the journal for a while but find the quotes are not very inspirational anymore. I am also interested in ensuring that the News is local (say BBC) rather than New York Times. Can anyone share a script or advice they have developed?

In which format are the lyrics stored? If all of them are in one group, then a script can easily retrieve a random item:

property pDatabase : "Music"
property pGroupLocation : "/Lyrics"

tell application id "DNtp"
	set theDatabase to database named pDatabase
	set theGroup to get record at pGroupLocation in theDatabase
	set theRecord to some child of theGroup
	return name of theRecord
end tell

Thanks so much, I’, completely new to this so will try this.

I have the lyrics “inside” the different albums. I guess I could take them all and put them I one group. Thats easily done.

THanks again