Automatic sync of email boxes

I have my emails on my mac setup in different mail boxes. I have imported them into dt3p with the same structure. When I add a email to one of the mail boxes on the mac it dose not automatically sync to dt3p. I have the latest update of dt3p and am using mac ventura.

How do I make it auto sync like my other dt3p databases?
This is a screen shot of my dt3p database.

Screenshot 2022-11-04 at 6.03.18 AM


I’m not sure I understand what you are doing. Are you doing as described in the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook”, p.57 of the 3.8.6 version? If not, that might be place to start.

I think I followed those instructions and imported each of the mail boxes into dt3p. The problem I am having is when I add a email to the mailbox in my mail app it dose not automatically update the mail box in dv3p. I checked and I have the email plug in installed and activated.

In the instructions you referred to there seems to be a difference between importing a email and archiving a mail box. Should I have archived the mail box?

From the wording (import), I’d guess that is a one-time action. Why do you expect that to sync with your e-mail server? To be able to do that, DT would have to talk continuously to the server and replicate each and every action you perform there. Including (in my opinion) deleting e-mails. Which goes (in my opinion) a bit against the ideas of “importing” and “archiving”.

Sorry but I am getting confused so here is what I want to do. I have 2 data bases in my dt3p. One contains all of my genealogy documents and Images. The other one I want to contain all of my genealogy emails. I have the emails set up on my mac using a different mailbox for the different surnames.

The database that contains my documents and images allow me to add and delete items using the mac side. If I add image in a folder it automatically shows up in dp3p. If I delete an image in a folder it is automatically deleted from dp3p. I don’t have to do anything to make this happen.

I would like the emails to work the same way. If I add or remove an email from the mailbox on the mac it will automatically add or remove it from dp3p.

I have the apple mail plugin installed and active. So how do I make the email work like the images?

Current dt3p database layout:

Email layout on mac mail layout:


Which seems to imply that you’re indexing your folders. Just guessing, since you don’t say.

I doubt that’s possible with DT. @BLUEFROG should know for certain. But AFAIK, there’s only “import e-mail”, not “index e-mail”. The latter would simply replicate a function of your email server. Personally, I see no point in re-inventing that particular wheel.


I think it is as important to index the emails as it is to index the documents. Other wise what is the importance of even having them in DT? I like to index them so that when I do a search I can check documents, images, and email to see if I have anything on a specific individual.

I will wait for BLUEGROG’s comment.


Indexing the Mail directory is possible but inadvisable. We suggest using the Apple Mail plugin to archive mailboxes or import emails into your databases.

There is no automatic import of emails. This is explicitly mentioned in the documentation. See Automation > Apple Mail Rules…

Also, handling emails is discussed in the In & Out > Archiving Emails section of the built-in Help and manual…

We’re dealing here with two different meanings of the word “index”.

  • Yes, DT uses an index to speed up search. It does so for all documents it knows about, if they are imported or “indexed”.
  • A document “indexed” in(to) DT is one that is not available in its database but remains somewhere in the Finder’s structures on your disk. DT does index it in the a.m. sense. But it stores only the metadata and a reference to the document, not the document itself. That is the difference to “imported” documents.

In hindsight, they might have been better off to call those indexed documents “referenced”.

You can (and should) read all about that in the outstanding DT user manual, accessible through the Help menu and available online for download.