Automatic tag prompt when dragging to DT icon

In Devonthink Pro Office, when you drag an email from Apple Mail onto the DTPO icon in the dock, a window opens that lets you choose both the destination group AND the tags you want appended. Ditto when using “Clip to Devonthink” to add a page from a Web browser to DTPO. But when trying to get other kinds of documents from the Mac Finder into DTPO, either by dragging them to the DTPO application icon or using “Add to Devonthink” in the Services menu, there’s no prompt for tagging. Is there a reason for this? Can it PLEASE be added as a feature in the next update? (I know that it is in theory possible to add tags in the Get Info box in the Mac Finder, but for some reason only some of my DTPO tags appear as options there, and they only show up if you type the first word in the tag – other words in a tag don’t trigger its appearance, as they do so well in DTPO…)
Thanks, Blake

Good catch.

It would be great if there was one universal drag=and-drop input panel. I prefer the clip-to-DEVONthink design and features, and would like it to replace all the drop-on-dock HUDs.

FWIW – Sorter is dated and not so useful – I only open Sorter when someone here asks something about it.

Thanks, Korm. I’m method-agnostic – I just want to be able to get docs from Finder (and any other place) into the right group in my database in as few steps as possible, with all their info (name and tags etc) as correct and complete as possible in a single step, ideally via an identical “import” window that would open regardless of the means used to make it appear. (Note for instance that using “Add To Devonthink” in services opens a window that lets you change the file name, whereas the window that opens from dragging to the DTPO icon in the dock does not have a file-name field.)