Automatic tagging on import


At the end of last year I processed a lot of documents and I realized that it would have been enormously helpful if I could have limited my documents to the year 2021.
So from now on I want to tag every document I add with the current year. Using a smart rule I can get pretty close but I can’t restrict the rule to only the new document that has been imported but on documents imported within the last hour.
Any ideas to archive this without scripting knowledge ?


Andreas, are you aware that records already have three dates associated with them?

  • Date added to the database*
  • Date created
  • Date modified

* the only caveat to this is that it really is the date the record was added to the database, not to DEVONthink. So if you leave a record in your inbox for 6 months and then move it to another database, the date added will be changed on moving to reflect the date the record was added to its new home.

You can already sort, search, group based on those dates. I mention this only because I am unsure of the additional value in tagging every record with the current year.

But if you do want to do that, then may I suggest you post the smart rule you have already developed and then we could improve on that.

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I know about this dates but as you said it’s a technical date.
As I always continue to add old documents I need the date of the content to be fixed.

Then why not simply use an On Import trigger?

By adding a “check”-tag (“Jahr” in my example) you could easily check for any documents which hadn’t passed through the rule. If you put the rule in first position at the top of the list of smart rules then it would always trigger on import. By leaving out the “Cancel” action, other rules will still run.

(PS I use a similar rule to add a fixed creation date to custom metadata)

cheers @Blanc!
I had also thought about a control tag but it didn’t really feel right to tag all documents just for technical reasons.
If there is no other way to achieve this and you would solve the problem this way as well, I feel much more comfortable right away. Thanks for that.

However, maybe there is still feedback from DT if it wouldn’t be good to have a way to address the specific imported document in a future release.

As I mentioned, my preference would be to use custom metadata.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. Please clarify.

@blanc: Custom metadata would indeed be a good alternative that I will think about. However, with this solution the main question “how to address the imported document” remains the same and with this you have already helped me well.

@jim: sorry for the confusion - how can I clarify?
As the name implies, the “creation date” does not represent the date of the content of a document, even though in day-to-day business it will probably be mostly the same. That’s why I need an additional year tag or a “content date” as suggested by blanc.

However I finally solve it in terms of content, the actual main question was how to set an additional information automatically during the import process on the specific document.

Got it. Thanks.