Automatic WiKi Link cannot work with Chinese input methods

Please check the attached gif. Thanks.

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The GIF is incredibly small. Can you replace it with a larger version?

My GIF is large, maybe this forum doesn’t support it. Please try this link:

DEVONthink AutoWiki

I am seeing no issue here.


Have you chosen the Square Bracket option in Preferences > WikiLinks?

Yes. I have chosen the Square Bracket option.

When I need to input a Chinese word, for example, using Pingyin input method, I should type some English characters into the input box, for example, if I need to input 文, I should type ‘wen’. The issue is, while I typed ‘w’, DEVONthink will try to match all document names which begin with ‘w’ and try to show a list box. This interrupt the ‘input box’ of Chinese input method. I will record a video to compare DEVONthink with Bear.

If you’d like to try it, please use a input method to input Chinese, do not use Copy/Paste.

The video is too big to convert to gif. so I upload to my YouTube channel with the visibility set to ‘Unlisted’, hope this show you my meaning. Thanks.

Currently, it only has the SD quality because YouTube need severial minutes to process it.

Demo video

Hi Bluefrog, is there any update on this issue? Thanks.

BTW, I hope the ‘Summarize Highlights’ can support Chinese. This is a fantastic feature.

This is an issue when using the square bracket syntax. You could use the Names & aliases option instead.

Development would have to assess these it and your request is noted (with no promises, of course).

Or enter the name first, then add the enclosing brackets.