Automatic WikiLinks and Apostrophes

Searched and didn’t find anything on this – seems like it’d come up pretty often, though, so I dunno why. Either way, sorry if this is a dupe.

Automatic Wikilinks don’t seem to work with titles using apostrophes.

It will create a link, but it will separate the links at the location of the apostrophe. For instance:

“My Cat’s an Idiot” becomes two links to non-existent articles: “My Cat” and “s an Idiot.”

I’m not sure why I didn’t notice this before. Setting it manually works fine, but since the item in question is eleven levels deep in the hierarchy, I’d prefer not to have to do it in the future 8)



So, um, no one else experiences this?

No one?

This obviously isn’t an “OMG Now!!!” sort of thing, but I was curious about the method used to create WikiLinks automatically. It’s fantastic – no noticeable slowdown, works great, etc.

One problem, though is that if I have a document called “A B C” and one called “A,” the “A B C” document will never be matched. I figure this is pretty danged low on the list of priorities, and rightly so, but is it possible that we could see this fixed?

And I know someone else has mentioned this before, but I just wanted to reiterate: it’d be nice to be able to exclude articles from getting auto-WikiLinked on an article-by-article basis. looks meaningfully at his “A” article


I quit using DT a while ago as wikilinking became more important to me, and VoodooPad does that stuff pretty well. I do miss DT, though, and any improvements to its wikilinking would be welcomed :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have a problem with a particular document name, try giving that document an alias for the purpose of establishing the Wiki link. Add the alias in the referenced document’s Info panel.

Checking the MashedWords option is another possibility.

WTF? Now it’s not doing that – either with new automatic WikiLinks or the same (I think) WikiLink that was doing it before. I really don’t get it :confused:

I’d think that it might be an issue with smart quotes or something, but I’m not aware of any in my database.