Automatically add sent mail to DTPO

I am using the auto add mail script to add new email to my DTPO inbox which works very well. I can easily classify an email to a particular client and so now, when sorted by date, I have a chronological list of email correspondence from the client.

While I can manually add the applemail sent folder, I would very much like to be able to have mail that I send automatically added to my inbox as well. I have spent hours searching the forums and I have seen talk of BCCing the email to yourself and that simply adds to more email traffic and duplicate copies of emails which are unnecessary.

I did see that someone had written a script to auto add the sent email to DTPO but I can’t find the link again so either the search criteria I have put in aren’t right or it has all been a dream :smiley:

If anyone could either tell me how they get around this problem (or send me the link to the earlier message) it would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I found only these two threads:


One workaround might be to BCC the emails to another account (e.g. devonthink@…) and set up a rule for this account to import all incoming messages.

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the links. I found both of them and, in fact, I commented on the last one :smiley:

I have tried the BCC to a different account but that just clutters up my mail since I tend to look at ALL mail rather than an individual mail account. It also means that I need to remember to BCC this account every time (as there is no way, I believe, to set up an auto BCC on gmail at this time).

It does seem to me to be a real shame that since the auto import of mail from apple mail script works so well there is not a similar script to import all sent mail. I used to use Daylite which had, as one of it’s killer features, a way of automatically linking any email to a known contact email address. If such a script were available for DTPO it would make the import of mail to DTPO so much better IMHO.

If Apple Mail rules would apply to Sent mail, such a script would be straightforward. But AFAIK you cannot write a rule in Mail that monitors Sent mail. However, take a look at Andreas Amann’s Mail Scripts. He has a “Filter Sent Messages” script in his package that monitors Sent mail and will move a message to a designated mailbox. If that works for you, then you could write a Mail rule that imports from that mailbox to DTPO using, for example, the script posted by Annard might do the trick.

I haven’t tested any of this, so I’d be cautious.