Automatically change the name of the annotation file resembling the original file?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if there’s a way to have the file name of annotations automatically updated to have the same name as the original file linked with the annotation?

Right now when I start an annotation for text “Example”, the annotation will be named: “Example (annotation)”.

However, if I edit the name of the original file when drafting is completed and I already made an annotation, the annotation name will not change with the original file.

Let’s say I change the name of the original file from “Example” to “EndProduct”, the annotation linked to this file is still named “Example (annotation)”.

What I would like is to see that the annotation name will change from “Example (annotation)” to “EndProduct (annotation”.

Is this possible?


No this is not supported and there is no built-in function for this. It would require scripting to accomplish. Also, it’s not enough to change the document’s name. The backlink in a default annotation file template would need to be changed as well.

A future release will support this.

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I’m sure @cgrunenberg has something more sophisticated planned but here’s my offering…

Update Annotation (1.9 KB)

And here it is in action…

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This is amazing! Thank you so much for this!

This shows that I am still a beginner in DevonThink, despite me looking through tutorials and fora etc. for weeks already. There is just so much to discover and to apply. Very cool.

DEVONthink is a deeeep and powerful app. Do note while the smart rule isn’t beyond the reach of everyone, it does require a bit more knowledge than the average layperson usually has. However, DEVONthink’s automation support allows for custom solutions to address many, many situations.

Enabling the option to update names of item links is actually sufficient.

Indeed, though it does include the file extension with this option. Not a big deal though.