Automatically Created Copies of RTF Files

I am working in two desktops, not two monitors, for the past couple of days. Desktop 1 has a number of DTPO windows open and Desktop 2 has a couple more. I noticed today that when I work in Desktop 2, several of the RTF files that I created today have automatically created copies. It looks like DTPO is saving copies/ versions of the note (RTF file) I am working on. The time stamp is the same (I do not see the seconds, only the minutes), so I cannot tell the frequency with which these copies are created.

At this moment, I am deleting the copies that contain older versions of the content, but is there a reason why this is happening? Are these copies symptom of a problem, e.g. too many DTPO windows open, working in two Desktops?

Perhaps you are seeing the same thing as happens here:

Yes, that was it! I changed my settings to newest. Thanks!