Automatically duplicating a group

Is there a way of automatically duplicating a folder(group) (i.e all the folder contents) to another group on another database. Rather like what you can do with Hazel.

The documents are static (i.e I won’t change them) and the when I put them in a certain group I want them automatically duplicated to another group but in a different database.

I am aware you can’t replicate to another database. I know you can do this manually but I would like it automatically

Right-click the group(s) you want to duplicate and choose “Duplicate” (hope that’s the term in the English version, I’m using the German interface). The groups can be duplicated (including all documents) to any database.

No. Not automatically. You could build a script to do this, but I’d suggest you make the the destination group (the one in the other database) a Favorite. It will appear in the Favorites section of the global sidebar. You could then drag a file or selection of files or a group into that Favorite. If you press Option while dragging, these items will be copied (not moved) into the destination group.