automatically export to finder after pdf ocr?

is it possible for DT to be set up to automatically also copy a file to a folder in the finder after a file is scanned and ocr is performed?

I use scansnap and DT, and it works well, but have a project where I need to also export to the finder, and would like to set this up automatically if possible


The best way to do this is by creating an active folder in the Finder where you’d drop the files from the ScanSnap. From there you can use Automator or AppleScript to OCR and send the result to DTPO.

thanks. let me clarify. currently I just load a pile of paper in scansnap and hit scan and it sends it right in to DT office pro.

so I’m not sure what you meant by the suggestion to create an active folder to send to DT. I can already send to DT office pro really easily and DT performs ocr–that works well, btw.

What I’m trying to do is export from DT in an automated way.

sample workflow for this project:

  1. load paper in scansnap
  2. scan to DT office pro
  3. create automated folder or activate script in DT or use other mechanism so that when I save a file to a certain area of DT it also gets copied / exported to a file in the finder

I’m uncertain about #3 and whether it’s possible to automate this stage or how.

Why do I want to do #3? because I need to share data with someone else for this project who doesn’t use DT


I forgot that you want to export the OCRed items and not the original scans. d’oh!

In that case you’ll have to create an AppleScript that exports the newly included file in a group and attach that script to the group. Check the “Smart Group” scripts for examples on how to achieve this.