Automatically File Mail and Attachments

This scripts seems to have stopped working since Mountain Lion. I’ve several times replaced the script in application scripts folder.

Is anyone else having this problem?

Am I doing something wrong?

Yes, it’s halfway broken. Since OS 10.8 and Apple Mail 6 the export from Mail to DEVONthink Pro Office only works, when you re-run the script manually, so the “automatic” part is lost at the moment.
It seems we need an update to Apple Mail 6 from Apple to get it fully working again.

If the script does not work for you at all, then you should check the rule criteria. For example the condition “account is” is broken in Apple Mail 6, which is a disaster, if you want to catch all emails which do not contain your email-address explicitly like newsletters etc. usually do - so the rule will simply not be executed.

Please also note that Apple Mail 6 has other bugs with rules, see here

Actually, I have kind of got it working.

I am effectively using it manually using ActOn. This is via a dedicated rule which calls the script.

Strangely, the data is always added to Devon Think in a folder marked ‘Spamsieve’ which was why I thought the import wash;t working at all!

There are three reasons, why this could happen:

1.Most likely: The script takes the name of the rule in Apple Mail it is attached to and creates a group (folder) in DEVONthink Pro Office with that name and puts the mails there - see the script’s description.

  1. You have changed the script and defined that the location the email has to be filed to is that folder.

  2. Something in your Mail Act-on configuration.


I’m trying to get the add attachment script to work with Mail Act-On on 10.8 as well, but I haven’t been able to get it to import. What are your rule settings for the Act-On Rules?