Automatically Import a Group of Bookmarks

Hi there. I have a quick question about automatically downloading a big collection of bookmarks in Devonthink Pro, and turning the captured material into PDF.

I’ve managed to import all my bookmarks from Safari using File --> Import --> Bookmarks.

However, now I want to do something like --> actions --> PDF, which I can do for each file one at a time. Except since the group is so large I want DTP to sequentially go through the list of Bookmark URLs, load each page, then capture a copy in PDF automatically. That would save me a good deal of headache and time.

When I shift click multiple bookmarks the right click gives no option to PDF, only open in my Safari window. And since that is external to DTP, doesn’t really advance what I want to do here.

Similarly, the File --> Import --> Website route either wants me to do one at a time, or ignores my request when I drop the reading list bookmarks into the Download Manger. It will run through the queue, but when I look for the product in the inbox all the search window show is the original bookmark.

I imagine this is all pretty straightforward, but I can neither figure it out nor find mention of it elsewhere.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

Check out Script Icon menu > Download > Convert URLS to PDF Documents. If it’s not there, open Help > Support Assistant > Install Extras. You should be able to find the script there.

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This worked great. Thanks for this!

No problem. :smiley: