Automatically mark feed items as read when they're fetched?

I subscribe to quite a few RSS feeds, but never actually read their articles as they come in. I get a lot of value from them appearing in “See Also” but don’t have the time or motivation to actively look at RSS feeds throughout the day.

Is there a way to ask DTPO to automatically mark new RSS articles as read as soon as they’re downloaded?

Or maybe a more general version: is there a way to ask DTPO to execute an AppleScript after updating a feed? The help text for the “Script” info item says “The script will be executed every time you view the item in a Split view or Three Panes view, as well as when you open it in a separate document window”, which isn’t what I want to do.

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That’s very close to what I had in mind and looks very similar to the “Mark all read” script that I installed (from the Extras scripts). The key for me is to have it automatically upon import, though, mainly so that the unread status doesn’t get synced out to my other computers. I sincerely appreciate the help, though!