Automatically open all databases

how do i open all databases that are both available and have been opened at least once, when i open the app?

Could a script parse the list of recently opened databases in the list displayed at File > Open Recent? Neglecting, of course, the Clear Menu option.

I wouldn’t want to open all those databases, as that would bring my MacBook Pro with only 16 GB RAM to a screeching halt. :slight_smile:

I was hoping for something more stable than parsing the menu entry :wink:

i only have small databases, total of about 40.000 PDFs/web archives. i don’t know how else to handle it, opening the 10k database takes a minute or more, destroying any possibility of not keeping it ‘online’ at all times. can’t open/close it only if i need it.

Not sure I follow that. You want to open all recent databases … but not one particular database? Opening a database with 10,000 documents shouldn’t take a minute. Have you done a backup/rebuild recently? There might be some error that could be fixed and speed the opening process.

I use an Alfred app keyboard script to open all of my databases. I created it to get around the bug in DTPO not automatically opening again all open databases from previous close. I only use this method for the subset of DTPO databases that get daily use

is it via applescript or does Alfred come with its own scripting? if it is the former, mind sharing?

you are right, i want to open all recent DBs. it is, amongst other things, that the wait that i incur is always at the worst possible time: e.g. when i want to search for something.
i have done the rebuild, still the same problem.

Alfred has its own drag and drop method of creating keyboard scripts