Automatically run a service after OCR

Is there a way to get DT to run a service automatically after each OCR? The service is called “compress PDF” that builds off of a colorsync filter

The only idea coming to my mind is to use an Automator workflow using the actions “OCR items” and “Compress Images in PDF documents” or “Apply Quartz Filter to PDF Documents”.

Okay thanks. I think I’ve asked this before, but is there a way to apply OCR to something outside the DB? Or an AppleScript that takes something from the finder, imports it, ocrs it, then puts it back in the finder to replace the old one?

The “OCR Items” Automator action accepts any file but imports the result. Just like the command Data > Convert > to searchable PDF.

I’m sure that such a script has already been posted but could find only your old request Import, OCR, and Delete — 2.0

The thread Wanted: Script or workflow to compress PDFs might be of interest too.

I’ve made I think a relatively simple workflow but it isn’t working in DT and I’m hoping you can help. I’ve attached a screenshot.

The workflow should probably look like this…

  1. Get Selected Records
  2. Get Item From Records
  3. OCR items
  4. Get Item From Records
  5. Apply Quartz Filter to PDF documents

This will OCR the selection and apply the Quartz filter to the new, converted documents. If you want to apply the filter to existing PDF documents, the workflow would look like this:

  1. Get Selected Records
  2. Get Item From Records
  3. Apply Quartz Filter to PDF documents

Thanks very much. The “records” nomenclature was confusing. Automator just calls those “items”