automatically save zoom settings for each document in DT

A lot of my PDFs in DT have different font sizes, so that in order to read them I need to zoom in or out to varying degrees.

It would be great if DT would automatically remember the zoom settings for each PDF and doc, so that when you go back to a particular PDF it’s automatically displayed with the zoom setting that you last used to view it.

This would save a lot of time in doing research among existing PDFs and docs in DT.

Thank you for the suggestion! But actually most people seem to prefer a global default zoom, see … =2&t=11110

I agree. Well, at any rate, it doesn’t matter at this point. Any kind of zoom default is desperately needed. It’d be great to have a global zoom level and an individual zoom level would be good to, where the program remembers the last setting for each document.

At any rate I really hope a default zoom level is included in the next release!