Automatically saving imported file new names in groups

I am newbie to DT-pro & experimenting with my workflow.

So far I have a snag, where an imported document (word, excel, etc) edited & saved as new version (e.g. XXX v1 to XXX v2) does not appear in the original DT group as it would in Finder for instance.

Am I messing this up or do I need to reimport XXXv2? The latter would be a big hassle, no?


If you are saving in the same location as the file in DEVONthink, you are creating inconsistencies in the database and should desist this practice. You should never add files to a database’s internal structure from any application other than DEVONthink.

If you need to create a version (with imported, not indexed files): select the file in DEVONthink, press Command-D to duplicate it. The new file will be selected, so press Return to edit the name, then press Return to commit the name change. Then you can open and edit the version.

Thank you for the quick reply & suggestions.

Fortunately, I am not saving in the internal DT structure.

Your suggestion of duplicating & renaming before working on a file make perfect sense if one has a premeditated decision.

What is your suggested process when one makes the decision to save a new version after opening it from DT & manipulating it (i.e. Too late for duplication)? Save externally to DT & reimport?

Thank you

Currently, that would be the recommended method, though you could save it into the Global Inbox in the Finder’s sidebar so it at least exists in DEVONthink and can be moved post edit.