Automatically sending files from browser to database

I would like to be able to automatically send files (mostly PDF) from my web browser (either Safari or DEVONagent) to DEVONthink. What I want to be able to do is to indicate that a file linked on a webpage is to go straight to the database. I want to avoid the interim step of saving the file to disk and then importing it.

I have looked at the discussion of AppleScripts on the boards and downloaded the ‘Save PDF to Group’ script, which should do what I want.

I’ve also tried the contextual menu option ‘Add Link to DEVONthink’ in DEVONagent.

Neither work. The first does nothing. The second makes the DT icon bounce but the file is not added to the database.

I have looked at the posts on this board and it seems other people have been able to do what I want. Is there something wrong with my system, or is it impossible to do what I want?



Hi, Rónán. Yes, it is possible to download a PDF from the DT Pro browser directly into the database – but I don’t do that. The reason I don’t use the script to capture PDFs is that in the current database the PDF is saved into the ‘body’ of the database rather than into the internal Files folder. Thus, more memory is required to load the database than would be the case if the PDF were saved into the internal Files folder. (The script saves PDFs with the name “rename-me”.)

Instead, I use a Folder Action script that’s provided in the Extras folder on the DT Pro or DT Pro Office download disk image. One of these scripts, when attached to a designated folder, will automatically Import any file added to the folder into the DT Pro database, and the other will Index a file into the database. I use the script to Import PDFs (and other file types, such as an image or QuickTime file displayed by or downloaded via my browser – or otherwise saved or dropped into that folder) into my database.

So if I’m viewing a PDF in my browser, I capture it into my database simply by using Save As from DEVONagent or Safari (or Firefox, Camino, etc.). Choose the designated folder and the file is sent to DT Pro. Periodically I delete the accumulated files inside the designated folder, as they are no longer needed.

Read about Folder Actions in the DT Pro online Help.

Aha. I’ll give that a go. Thanks.


Just wanted to say “Thanks, Bill.” That tip was just what I was looking for.

the workflow you describe is very useful, and a couple of years ago I could use it in DT Personal. It was taken away, with other scriptability to make the new pro version look good. Don’t you think it is about time us loyal DT users got it back. We haven’t ben spoiled with new features for a long time, at least we could get back what we once had.