Automatically synchronize all feeds

I have a bevy of RSS feeds that I have to click on manually to get to update. I have not yet found a way to synchronize them all simultaneously, which would make my life a lot easier.

I realize DEVONThink is not a feed reeder, but I like to keep feeds to various press releases and journals in DT, so that I can search them out when I’m putting together a report. It’d be really great if they’d update automatically.

And it’d be really keen if RSS feeds were “first class items” in DT, not weird applescript hacks.


I d be interested to know too: is there a way to automatically update RSS feeds, instead of clicking on each of them one by one?


Just select multiple feeds and choose Scripts > Feeds > Synchronize (Linked/Internal Pages).

That’s a good whack-around, but it would be much better if no human intervention were necessary. Why can’t DT simply check occasionally and update the feeds itself, like every other feed reading software?

Is it possible to find folders that represent feeds via Applescript? What property should I look for? If I could have cron kick off an applescript to do the updating, that’d be a decent hack as well.

Basically because DEVONthink Pro isn’t a feed reader but includes a powerful script suite and ships with some scripts using this.

Sure. Just check the “attached script” property, here’s a simple code snippet:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	set theScriptedGroups to every parent of current database whose attached script is not missing value
	repeat with theScriptedGroup in theScriptedGroups
		set theScript to attached script of theScriptedGroup
		if theScript ends with "Synchronize Feeds (Internal).scpt" or theScript ends with "Synchronize Feeds (Linked).scpt" then
			-- Synchronize here
		end if
	end repeat
end tell