Automating marking RSS feed as read and cleaning them up routinely

I have some RSS feeds that I am simply collecting to read later. Since that is the case, I prefer if I can routinely script something in DTP to mark them as read and clean up feed items older than “n” date. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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Sorry but there are no scripting commands to remove items from the Reading List. And even if you remove the files they point to (as they’re only links to files, not the files themselves), you’ll end up with a bunch of dead links in the Reading List.

Is there a way to create a rule or similar that marks as read automatically?

The items in the Reading List can’t be affected in this way. And marking the actual files are read or unread have no effect on the state in the Reading List.
Development would have to assess a change in these behavior.

Deleted items should be automatically removed from the reading list actually.


@Esilbe1: That is likely not the behavior you’d want, having to delete the item from the database to remove it from the Reading List.