Automating Open Clean Workspace?

Background - based on an early discussion, I created three workspaces for the core areas of my life: APR (my operating business), Felicis (corporate documents shared with my wife) and Personal. Now of course being an automator I want to automate switching between these.

I just found: Open Clean Workspace as a script and am wondering how to automate it. Worst case I could use Keyboard Maestro or BetterTouchTool to click select a workspace in the dialog. However I’m wondering if there is a programmatic way to call the script with the workspace name.

Why do you need a programatic way to choose a workspace? Why not just run it, choose the appropriate one, and hit the Return key?

  1. I automate everything - seriously
  2. This will be a button on my stream deck

Worst case I can do this via Keyboard Maestro, but I don’t want to see a dialog box popup. I want it to happen smoothly in the background.

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Then just copy and edit the script to open the specific workspace. There’s no black magic in the script.

  1. I automate everything - seriously

As you wish. I personally choose to make certain processes more efficient but see no need for automating everything.

It’s fun to tie things to the StreamDeck buttons. In this case my hope is that it will remind me I have other workspaces :wink:

Back to finding my evil dictator plans.