Automating Scanning

I’m happy using my Fujitsu ScanSnap IS1500 to get my stuff (documents, reports, invoices) into Devonthink. All the documents are sent the Devonthink Folder on my desktop. From there I have to move them manually into the folders in the sorter. Can somebody tell me if there is a possibility to put the documents right into the sorter. Ideally after scanning a document the sorter would open up and one could tell in what folder the document should go.

You’ll be looking for this preference then:

I could hardly agree less with this sentiment :see_no_evil: For me, ideal would mean that DT knows where to put the record and I don’t have to do anything. And actually it’s pretty good at doing that.

I’m not actually quite sure what you mean by that. Which h DEVONthink folder on your desktop? Why is there a DEVONthink folder on your desktop? Why do you have to manually import from it? For ScanSnap Home, btw., the recommended method is to send the scan directly to DT as an app (there are numerous threads on how to set that up).

Welcome @dotflyer

All the documents are sent the Devonthink Folder on my desktop.

Can you clarify what this folder is? Just one you’ve named that as DEVONthink Folder?

I had a Devonthink Folder on my desktop. Don’t know anymore how it got there. I deleted the folder and after that the ScanSnap told me that there is no folder where to put the scans. I again set up the scanning profile for Devonthink 3 in the scanner with the result that the scanner tells me after the scan that the scans have been sent to Devonthink where I can’t find them. I had this before and are nowhere better. I just want the scanner when scanning to the Devonthink profile to open up my database so that I can say in which folder (I have 46) the scanned document should go. This should be possible in some way.

I’d say the files are in the Global Inbox.
What is set in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Files > Import > Destination?

I have set Preferences > Files > Import > Group select as I want to select the group in which the scanned file should go. As the scanner tells me that the file has been sent to Devonthink I should be able to find it with the search funktion. But I don’t find anything so obviously the file did not get into Devonthink contrary to the scanner message. I just tried a scan with Preferences > Files > Import > Global Inbox. Nothing there. So it looks like the scanner is telling me something that’s not happening.