Automating web site capture in DTPro

I’m betting there is already a thread which will give me what I’m looking for, but I haven’t found it yet.

I want a way to get websites or clippings from websites into DT on my Mac Pro at home when I am away from home. If I find an article when surfing from my iPad or work (Windows) computer, I may want to have it in my DT database.

Recently I’ve been saving items like this in a folder in Instapaper and subscribing to the RSS feed for that folder in DT. However, it looks like Marco Arment, the Instapaper developer, is removing the RSS functionality and soon my scheme will no longer work.

What are other people doing? Is there a simple solution I’m missing? Thanks.

I’ve been using Instapaper RSS too…bummer to find out that it won’t work anymore.

You might try emailing the link to yourself, and writing an applescript that fetches the URL contained in the email.

Another Instapaper RSS user here also-really disappointed to see this feature go away. I haven’t explored any alternatives as yet.

Dang, that is a bummer.

I may have misunderstood the changes Marco has made, but it looked to me like RSS support will be discontinued after a rather short grandfather period.

I also might add that Marco has added some nice features, as well. Instapaper is the bomb.

I’m thinking – so far, only thinking – about a combination of Dropbox and Hazel to do this job. It’s going around Robin Hood’s barn, but it just might work.

Even if Instapaper doesn’t do RSS feeds anymore, there has to be another way to do this. I know you can create an RSS feed of your shared items in Google Reader, but there might be privacy issues for some people with that. Maybe something like Digg or Delicious?

Starred items (now hearted) in Instapaper can go to Pinboard. Pinboard has RSS feeds, so that is a possibility.

I would rather find a more direct way. Perhaps an automator workflow or something. I’ve stopped using Pinboard, Diigo, Delicious, etc. because I want to hone down my number of repositories.

I am listening now to Marco on Dan Benjamin’s and I think I may have misinterpreted the RSS thing. Marco is explaining that he took out a feature where you could pull an RSS feed into Instapaper. Perhaps that means that the RSS feature I use to stuff out of Instapaper will still work. I’ll test when I can.