Automation - creating/moving item to folder in DTTG using shortcuts

I made a shortcut on my ipad to make a pdf from screen shots of a magazine article, write a title for the pdf and choose tags. It would then save to DTTG and move the file to the correct subfolder based on the tags
It is a bit convoluted with lots of If….Otherwise sections
It does work without a problem - see screenshot containing 1 of the many If…Otherwise clauses

If I try to be clever and use the value of subfolder picked from the list and saved to a variable, as the destination folder, then DTTG asks me - Am I sure I want to save the file in that folder?
If there is a similar file in the trash folder, it asks which folder to save to. Can I get past this response and save to the folder (name contained in the variable)?

Here is the popup message

Screenshot of ‘clever version’

I know that I have a working version of the shortcut, but I am keen to ‘tidy’ this up and puzzled by my failure to get this section working properly

Thanks in anticipation