Automation - Things 3 & DT 3


Looking for some help

I am looking for an automation (?apple script) that takes the selected project title in Things 3 as an input and then creates a group in a specific location in DT3 with the same title?

Is it something possible?and are there any other alternatives beside apple script (I think steep learning curve) to the get the above done?

Welcome @riadh.salem

We don’t do Things support but I downloaded it and here’s a quick little example I whipped up…

tell application "Things3"
	set sel to item 1 of selected to dos
	set projectName to (name of (project of sel))
end tell

tell application id "DNtp"
	create location ("/Things 3/" & projectName as string) in database "small"
end tell

Note: Things doesn’t allow you to get the selected ot current project, so this gets the project of the selected to do.

Also, you didn’t clarify what specific location so I used a simple method of talking to a specific database directly and creating the location on-the-fly.

Awesome !!!

It did work with a bit of modification from my end. Since I have posted this I picked up some Applescript concepts. I think it is worthwhile having some working understanding of this scripting language if I am to get the most of my mac’s automations.

Thank you very much

You’re welcome :slight_smile: