Automator not working unless DEVONthink running foreground?


First let me say how much I love DEVONthink and how superior it is in all respects to all Personal Information Managers :slight_smile:

I am trying to automate DTPO through Hazel, as many people are. To that end, I have Hazel notice certain PDF files, rename them, and then run an Automator workflow to file them in DTPO before trashing them.

Hazel runs fine but I am noticing that frequently, no items end up imported in DTPO. It seems I need to be on the same desktop space, or even have DTPO run foreground, for the Automator workflow to work. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it normal behavior?

Thank you for any light you can shed on this :slight_smile:

Two suggestions:

  1. Make sure Hazel has a Date Last Modified is after Date Last Matched statement, to ensure proper folder monitoring

  2. Forget Automator. Either have Hazel put the matched document into a folder that has one of DEVONthink Pro Office’s folder actions (see Help), or, preferably, put a script into your Hazel action(s) to have the matched document imported into the group you wish. There are examples of this in the forum.

Here’s a good approach along these lines (via @FROBGOBLIN)

Okay, thank you :slight_smile: I will probably go the script route, because it will enable me to create and sort groups on the fly with variables (such as years), which is my final intent. :slight_smile:
Just for my own information and to know where to go from there, when you say to forget Automator, is it because it is known to be unreliable with DEVONthink? I had encountered one other bug where I could not file PDFs into groups with a variable name that had some calculations done on it (“current year -1” for instance). I could file into the current year recuperated as a variable, I could create a “current year -1” group, but not do both, it would just return errors.