Automator opens a new window for every import

My two step automator routine opens a new window every time I run it, even though there is a window open with the appropriate group selected.

I use the following automator routine to move rtf files into DevonthinkPro.

Set Current Group

The routine is activated by Hazel based on the tag attached to the file.
It appears that each time the routine runs it wants to open a new window with the target group, even though a window is already open and the target group is selected?

This appears to be a new problem. I just moved my system over to an external SSD. Previously I don’t recall seeing any duplicating of open windows but since the move this problem has appeared. Probably not related.

Any suggestions on how to keep just one window open and stop the opening of redundant windows.


As far as I remember the “Set Current Group” Automator has always opened a new window. One workaround might be to use AppleScript, another one to add at least an AppleScript action to close the frontmost window to the workflow.

“Set Current Group” has always opened a new window.