Autosync folders with file system?

Is there a way to sync file system index folders in DevonThink on a timed basis? Has anyone written a script to do this?


Just save the following script and attach it to an indexed group:

on triggered(theRecord) 
      tell application "DEVONthink Pro" 
         synchronize record theRecord 
      end tell 
   end try 
end triggered 

Opening the group or selecting it in split/3-pane view will execute the script and automatically sync the group. It’s of course unidirectional but that should be sufficient for your needs.

How do you “attach it” to a group?

Select the group, then open the Info panel and press the “Choose” button to the right of the script field.

Do I create a new AppleScript file, or do I just pasted the text of the script into the script field?

Sorry, not very experienced with AppleScripts yet.

I get an error trying to save this as an AppleScript:

Expected expression, property or keyform, but found unknown token.

If you’re using a WebKit-based browser (like Safari or DEVONagent), you should be able to copy the code and paste it to Apple’s Script Editor.

Thanks. That worked, although I don’t understand how the cut-paste in Safari and DevonAgent are different from Firefox.