Avoid DT to mark items as "read" automatically?


I’d like to use the read/unread property to mark items (mostly texts, but also bookmarks, videos, etc.) as “unread” for later review.
([size=85]I suppose, that’s what this property was made for.)[/size]

My problem is:
As I’ trying to navigate as much as possible with the keyboard (and without the mouse), I often “browse” the texts in one Group with the up/down arrow keys, and as soon as I have selected an item, it is marked as “read” (if it was unread before), even if I just activated it for a second (and did not really read it).

For me, that’s very annoying, as I tend to loose my items which I want to read later…
[b]In E-Mail software for example there often is an option to specify a certain time in seconds which the item has to be highlighted to be marked as read automatically.

I would even suggest an option in the preferences to turn this automatic marking as read off! (so that an item is marked as read only after typing Cmd-K)[/b]

@user and developers:
What’s your opinion about that?

(For now, I’ll have to use a tag “read” to mark those items, but that’s not a very slick solution :frowning: )


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Good idea

Déjà vu? :slight_smile:

Hi sjk,

thanks for the hint - I had searched for “mark unread” in the forum, but did not find that posting…

The workaround with views without preview helps me, however I’d prefer a way to disable the automatic unread after 0 seconds…

… maybe I’ll have to use another way to mark my documens “to read” (a special tag or the flag)…

Kind regards


You were close; I found it in mark read results. :slight_smile:

So would I, without needing to be as ambitious as my “TruePreview for DEVONthink” idea in that other thread.