Avoiding duplicates

I’ve indexed the documents from a Folder. Since then I’ve added a lot of new documents into that Folder over a period of several weeks.

Now I want to index the recently added documents, but I don’t remember which ones are newly added. If I index the entire contents of the folder, DTPro seems to create duplicates for the documents I had previously indexed.

Is there any way to avoid this duplication in DTPro?

If not, is there an easy way to remove the duplicate entries after they have been created in DTPro?


There is no need to create a new index of the same folder. Select all the documents in the folder, right-click on the documents, and select 'Move to External Folder. DEVONthink will move all the non-idexed documents in that group to the respective folder in the Finder. The final result is that all the documents in that group will now be indexed.

By the way, there are scripts to automate keeping indexed folders in sync-let me know if you need more info.

Greg, Thank You, thank you, thank you.

I have no idea how to use scripts but would love to learn and especially would like the one you’re talking about.


Oops - I just tried selecting all the documents and right clicking, but I don’t see Move to External Drive. There is a choice to Make New Folder (but 380 if the items are already in a folder by the same name in DevonThink).



Becky, it might be helpful to get a little more info before proposing anything further. First, did you index an entire folder from the Finder, or just some/all of the documents that were in the Finder folder? Second, the new documents that you have-were they saved in the Finder folder, in the DEVONthink group (folder), or both?

I indexed the entire contents of a folder in Finder. Then I added more documents to that same folder in Finder and wanted to index them into DevonThink. But I couldn’t recall the names of all the new documents I had added to Finder, so I couldn’t select them individually for indexing. But when I tried to index the entire folder, that’s when I got duplicates.

Hope this helps you understand my problem.


If you have indexed the entire folder from the Finder, you can update the index by selecting the Group in DEVONthink and choose ‘Update Indexed Items’ from the file menu. You can automate this process to update the index every time the group is selected in DEVONthink by attaching a script to the group. In the Extras folder that is included in the DEVONthink disk image, there is a script named Synchronize. Copy it to your Mac, select the indexed group in DEVONthink, and show the Info window (command-shift-i).

In this window, click on the ‘Select’ button next to the script field, navigate to where you copied the Synchronize script, and select it to attach it to the group

Now each time you select the indexed group, the database will be updated and index all documents that have been added to the corresponding folder in the Finder.