Awesome Clip Web Archive

Hello community,

Time to make my own little contributions.

I’ve installed (since almost a month) the last version of SafariStand, an input manager “plug-in” for Safari. I use SafariStand just because I like its tab sidebar and the workspaces shelf.

Yesterday and by accident, I discovered a new feature called “Clip Web Archive” and it’s awesome. You make a selection of a page in Safari, you invoke the contextual menu, and an option appears, letting you capture as a WebArchive that selection. This is very useful when capturing imbricated chunks of pages, where RTF doesn’t do the trick. You can also add comments to your clips. And you can save it to your HD and import them to DEVONthink.

Very neat little utility, it’s free and you can integrate it seamesly with DTP. Cons are the use controversy about the use of Input Managers, and the “futurability” of WebArchives as a format for storing important information.

Try it if you want.

what are the advantages of your method vs. selecting a text clip in safari, using the copy command, going to the services in the safari menu and then taking a rich note in devonthink pro?
i use the safari loader, saft, which allows sidebars but requires a bit of programming if those sidebars aren’t rss feeds. i used to use concierge for sidebars but concierge doesn’t run in leopard.
i seem to recall looking at safari stand. it’s not very intuitive to install.
thanks for reading this and considering my question.

I also use mainly cmd+shift+0 for clipping and cmd+shift+2 for clipping inside the last clipping. It’s very fast, useful and you doesn’t need to lose focus on your reading. You select the text you want to clip, hit the shortcut, and that’s all. But if the page is a little imbricated (say tables inside tables, or difficult layouts) some times you need to capture it as a WebArchive. The interest in the Clip Web Archive feature of SafariStand, is that it let you capture WebArchives of selections, and you can add headers (as the title and URL of the page containing the selection, and your own notes).

Not to rain on your parade, radii0, but I posted about SafariStand’s Clip Web Archive feature a few months ago:

clipping web archives to DEVONthink

Sjk, thanks for your contribution, I was just trying to say something that I found useful… :slight_smile:

I thought linking to that post here might get it some belated acknowledgment. :slight_smile:

Mostly hoping someone else (e.g. you) would be interested in the Services > DEVONthink Pro > Take Web Archive service suggestion, which would provide provide more seamlessly integration with DTP without any SafariStand dependency.

Maybe it’s more “intuitive” if you’re familiar with SIMBL, especially if it’s already installed and working (e.g. for PithHelmet).

thanks guys, i learnt something. i had always had trouble installing stand and simbl from the japanese documentation but this time i got it to load properly and saft still behaves well.
i have got to play with stand a bit and see what i can understand. :smiley:

Glad you got SS working. Some parts are kind of obscure, and being Japanese-based doesn’t help if that’s not your native language. Check out the History Flow feature if you’re running the Leopard version by adding the toolbar button for it. I also add the Action menu toolbar button.

I haven’t missed Saft after dropping it a few years ago when there was an upgrade fee. PithHelmet is still my most essential Safari plugin and SafariStand eventually improved enough to be a close second. Both still have currently Tiger-compatible versions; newer versions of Saft are Leopard-only. Also still using Sogudi instead of migrating to SS’s Quick Search shortcuts.

i just saw that history flow function. its amazing what developers can do with quartz. i am going to try out sogudi and i will let you know how it goes.
as far as saft is concerned, the cost is cheap and there are features i like. to be fair, i have noticed a global memory leak since saft was updated 2 days ago and i wrote haoli about it and he hasn’t gotten back to me. so all is not perfect in saft land, but where is it perfect outside of hawaii?
thank you for giving me this tips. i love playing with new toys. :stuck_out_tongue:

i found my first bug.
quicktime plug in stopped working in safari. ah well.

The problem is that Safari doesn’t offer this data on the clipboard, so that will never be possible unless Apple fixes this. In general, Safari makes it very hard to access the webarchive of a document, even from AppleScript.

I’ve just clipped this to DEVONthink 2 via Services > Capture Web Archive :wink:

But that’s through our workaround and you cannot guarantee that what you see in Safari is what you get in DEVONthink (protected websites are one source of possible problems here). :wink:

No, Safari provides web archive data on the pasteboard (but not via AppleScript).

Then I mixed it up with another pasteboard, I stand corrected. :wink: In any case the users win here… :slight_smile:

fixed my qt problem. saft had disabled animation. not simbl related at all. nm

With my “belt & suspenders” approach to maintaining a stable computer and stable DT Pro databases, I do not allow the plugins mentioned in this thread on my computers – Saft, SIMBL, SafariStand, PithHelmet…

saft is not a plugin. saft is a loader that patches safari. i can always disable saft by loading safari directly. that is how i know it (saft) is responsible for a global leak.
sorry to be off topic.

If this means a selection then quite likely I’ll be satisfied with that service.

Thanks, devs, for the responses about this.

Which makes my approach to stability different than yours, though I don’t have a “belt & suspenders” analogous name for it (yet). :slight_smile: