Awesome! DEVONthink 3 iOS! Why no free trial?

Great to see the new version 3 come to iOS! Downloaded immediately to check out the new features but just got a slideshow intro.

Why no 1-2 week free trial period for new existing users?

Seems weird not to allow the user to actually get a feel for the new app and features by locking it behind a paywall before they decide it’s worth the investment or upgrade from the pervious version.

I’m happy to pay for an upgrade but I would like the option to test first during a trial period.

There’s an extended (until the end of July) free trial period for users of DTTG2.

Thank you for the reply.

Just opened DT3 again and can see now that option exists. Strange I didn’t get that earlier.

Thanks for the help!

And, just in general, free trials are given when you choose one of the subscription options. The App Store should offer you a free trial month before the actual billing begins. That’s how the App Store works.