Back Button Disappears in DTTG


I’ve noticed that the back button disappears if I open a file (generally a pdf) in DTTG and then close DTTG, either because I’m using another app or I’ve closed my iPad. To see it again, I need to close DTTG and reload it, which is a bit tedious. I noticed the post from a few years ago about the back button and portrait mode, but switching views doesn’t help here.

I’m not quite sure how long I need to leave the DTTG app for this to occur, but it’s definitely more than a few minutes. The back button does not disappear if I am quickly switching between apps; only when I have stopped using DTTG for a while.

  • Is the sidebar showing or just the item list and view/edit pane when you see this behavior?

  • What version of iPadOS are you running?

Sorry, should have been more specific.

  • I’m running Version 3.5.2

I’m attaching a screenshot so you can see what I mean. I guess what is really missing is the “DEVONthink” icon on the top right that brings me back to the main screen.

…and on which device exactly? Have you restarted the device?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I reset the device and I wanted to see if the problem would re-occur. It has. So, to answer your questions:

  • I’m running an 11-inch iPad pro 2018
  • I have reset the device

I just wanted to check back in on this, since I’m still encountering the problem. It’s not a crippling issue by any means, since I can just re-launch the app. It would be nice if it didn’t occur at all though!

I can’t reproduce this so far but did you know you can right-swipe from the left side of the screen to show the sidebar?

I’ve experienced this bug too, but for me hard closing the app and re-opening it fixed the problem. However since I’m about to open a thread about another possible bug with this version, I thought I’d let you know that the Case of the Disappearing Back Button has happened to me too :blush:

Yes, although I’ve been using the handy arrows on the top left corner instead!

And don’t forget there are keyboard shortcuts if you’re using an external keyboard.

I am also experiencing this bug – see attached screenshot as an example. This doc was opened directly via an x-devonthink-item:// link. (The back button was missing immediately – this isn’t a case of leaving the app and coming back to it as above, though I am 95% sure I have experienced that version too.)

A related bug appears to be that the slide-over panel to the left doesn’t go away when I try to interact with the document itself. This can be resolved by physically turning the iPad to landscape and back. That does not, however, restore the back button, which as others have said seems to require a force-quit.

This behavior should be fixed in the next maintenance release. Please let us know if it isn’t for you.