Back button for items list causes sidebar groups to collapse

Unlike the back button to go to a previous webpage in DT2, I don’t remember seeing another back button at the top of the list of items - although maybe I just never noticed it. But I’m using it a lot in DT3, except it’s not helpful when I have a lot of open groups in the database - and then they all collapse if I click that back button. Is there a setting that I missed to keep open the groups and subgroups that I currently have open? Or is that a feature to request?

Do you use the back button in the path bar or in the navigation bar right above the document? In addition, is the option to automatically expand/collapse the sidebar (see Preferences > General) enabled?

I use both, but the one I’m talking about here is the back button in the path bar. But now that I’m going back to try it again to make sure I explained it clearly - it’s now working correctly. However, now I’m on a different MacBook (at work) - while the problem occurred on my personal MacBook. So tonight I’ll try it again on the original laptop where the problem happened - and then return to update this thread.

Forgot your other question… yes, I have the option to expand the sidebar enabled on this computer. And usually i have the same preferences on both machines. But there’s a chance I missed that one and it’s not enabled on my personal MacBook - but again, I’l confirm that tonight.

An enabled option could actually explain this behaviour as it does also collapse groups.

Thanks Christian. Except it is enabled here at work - where it’s correctly (at least for my workflow) not automatically collapsing the sidebar when I use the back button. Maybe I don’t understand when this preference kicks in. But it’ll help track down what’s going on if I have both machines with the same preference enabled (or not). I’ll let you know how that works out.

I checked and I have the automatically collapse option enabled on both machines. So last night I tried it on the laptop that had the issue – and this time it seems to work. Groups and subgroups do collapse, but not all at one time – like it happened the other day. This time is would only collapse a group to get back to what was opened or closed previously – which must be intended for a back button. No idea what the problem was the other day, but will let you know if it happens again. Very happy it’s working correctly – very handy to keep groups and subgroups open while filing what has accumulated in my inboxes!